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Our story

Cenebis Casa was founded in 1960 by Mr Christos Tsenebis who was passionate with furniture manufacturing and led a flourishing carpentry business until 1997. Both Michalis and Spyros, his beloved sons, inherited their father’s passion for furniture craftsmanship and his need to create. Based on his belief that people can make their own choices and follow their own paths, Mr Christos has always encouraged his sons to follow their dreams and make them happen.
Michalis holds a B.A. in Mathematics issued by the University of Ioannina and Spyros holds a B.A. in Oenology issued by the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Upon completion of their studies, they make a common decision to take up the reins of their father’s business and continue their family tradition actively engaging in furniture manufacturing.

Since 1997, Michalis has been the Managing Director and Spyros has been the Production Manager of Cenebis Casa. Since then, their beloved father, Christos, has been offering his valuable advice thus supporting his sons’ daily endeavours to develop and optimise their family business.